You are on the right track. The whole thing about living in a city with millions of other people using the same water and food supply – and roads, is timing. Having a network of people that will notify each other of serious stuff happening in your area. Having a look at newspapers often – and then to trust your gut feeling. Getting out in time is very important.

You need the three BBB (Beans, bullets, bandages) in your BOB

One set of clothes, water bottle, knife, map, lighter, compass, small multi-tool, freez dried food, beef jerkey, protein bars. Small first aid kit with re-hydrate powder and gloves and mask.(if you are worried about a pandemic) Big plastic bags folded into very small Ziploc. Documents inside plastic bag. Money in small notes. Strong little bag with small gadgets like pocket tweezers, nail clippers, fishing line and hooks, Kevlar tread, lock-pick key, para cord etc) Leather Gloves. Small two way radio’s – that can also pick up normal radio stations. Milton tablets (water treatment)

We’ve got high protein porridge here called Future life – Non GMO. http://www.futurelife.co.za/products/high-protein/ You may try to find something similar. Put some in plastic ziplock bags with a scoop on milk powder. You can mix water inside the bag and eat with spoon out of the bag. Also look at Cup a soup (no added MSG) sachets. Two minutes noodles. And off cause dark chocolate! Small plastic bottle with coconut oil. (Use as suntan lotion or food.)

(just some quick thoughts.. for I need to go back to work : ) )