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Wow…. I am actually licking my wounds after a crazy Saturday night at the bar so this subject really hits home for me…..

I work weekends as a bouncer at a local bar. This last weekend there were several fights that I had to deal with including the one guy that went absolutely crazy. He pushed the other bouncer into the front counter and started throwing punches. After we had already thrown him out and he had walked down the street, he came back and rushed through the door at me. I had to Spartan kick him and choke tossed him through the door. There were two other guys that I had to toss out as well. It was just CRAZY!!!!

All in all, I have several bruises on my arms and legs as well as a bruised rib where the one guy who rushed me ****** punched me as we were separating. I really should have just knocked him out and probably will to the next douche-nozzle that swings at me…..

I now realize that I am getting old. Dang I am sore.