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Aukxsona, wow is all I can say. 7 months pregnant with 5 kids and no power for 3 weeks. At least you learned and are better prepared for the next SHTF event. A small side note concerning washing dishes is that I keep a large supply of paper plates & cups, and plastic silverware for power outages. I bought it in bulk at BJ’s (like Costco) and just tucked it away in the basement. Once when we didn’t have power for a few days at our last house I cooked on a small wood stove I had in the basement. It took longer than on an electric stove but simple meals were possible. Where I live now I use a wood stove as the primary heat for the front half of the house and experimented baking a loaf of bread on top in a cast iron dutch oven. It took longer than in an electric oven but it did bake OK. I also have a solar oven that I experimented with on a sunny day in January. It was about 15 degrees out and I set it on top of the 2 to 3′ of snow that we had on the deck. It was slow but it did work. What I learned was that I had to keep shifting it slightly to stay with the direct sun. The hardest part of the process was physically moving in that much snow.