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74, great find, this is what we have been posting that the Ebola virus now is a semi-airborne virus. I think the CDC knows this for a fact but do not want this to be in the news media. Now we need to understand that it is not a total airborne virus like the FLU virus. But it looks like it has mutated to this new semi-airborne virus. The problem will be if the Ebola virus keeps mutating and becomes liter in weight like the FLU virus then we are in trouble. The more people that get Ebola the more chances Ebola has to mutate into an airborne virus.

I have posted here that it is very important for all of us to keep the immune system strong. In all the countries Ebola is in Africa the CDC has found that the people have very low immune system so the Ebola develops fast without a fight. The CDC Doctors are giving to the Ebola patients 100,000 to 500,000mg of vitamin C with the other meds to pull up the immune system to help the patient have a chance to live. The meds will not help a patient with a low immune system.

This has been studied for over 20 years that the immune system is the center of the fight on all diseases.