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Don’t think that being able to shoot 1000 m is like sniper training. There is much more to it than being able to shoot at a distance.

I concur with everyone else regarding doing whatever you need to so that you get trained up. Just remember that “shooting” classes should not be your sole form of learning. Get into hunting as well. You will learn much more about muzzle control from playing twister with a bunch of underbrush and barbed wire than you ever will from standing on a firing line. Range situations don’t truly teach you how to control the muzzle of your firearm……

I always say it to new shooters: Muzzle control will save yours or someone else’s life some day. ALWAYS practice muzzle control above everything else. If you can’t control the muzzle of your firearm you can’t be expected to do anything else with it effectively.

(You catch that I think that muzzle control is important?)