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There was an outbreak last year. Here is a quickie article to get you enough to do more research. There was also an outbreak here among chimps in Virginia if I remember right. That wasn’t too long ago.

Quickie link

When I was in the Navy (Navy Corpsman), I had to get a clearance to connect with the CDC and WHO secured sections of their site to read up on different things. The CDC at that time required FULL isolation suits and respirators for diseases transmitted by droplets. You can figure out the rest from there…. I don’t want to be harrassed somehow for “violating” anything that should be public.

The scary part is that no hospitals really have isolation type HVAC systems or ventilation systems. What goes on in one room is only a hepa filter away from another room. Wonder how often those filters are changed? Ewwwww…..

There are many more cogs in this machine that we are allowed to know about.

deblmm is correct. The CDC spewing political hogwash to “keep hysteria down” only puts our healthcare staff in even more danger. It’s pathetic at best.