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I’m thinking I may have sounded condescending, I didn’t mean to if I did, sorry. I think we are on the same page though. I haven’t recently, but I went just now to the CDC page and searched droplet precaution and its ridiculous. What I found was a hard to read 225 page novelette and it wasn’t very clear. Basically what I got from it was wear a face shield(which doesn’t cover your hair) and wash your hands.
I am glad you have so much experience-easier to talk to you then- you know then how easy it is to take a gown off and have the contaminated side touch your scrubs, pretty easy. Which is why regular hospitals don’t need to be caring for these people. Send them to Atlanta or equip us better.
Yeah being in a patient room and getting a call from lab saying yes they are positive for, insert scary disease here, is never fun.
My main point is its BS saying its a break in protocol when they, CDC, have no experience with ebola in America and US medical staff know zip about it so how can they have a protocol. It certainly isn’t tested here. So I agree, they don’t know anything at this point. Nothing helpful, this is their test run I’m guessing.
And I call BS on the CDC for just now considering all staff that cared for the patient possible risks. They keep saying “over abundance of caution” and I’m not seeing it…anywhere.
I hope it doesn’t go airborne, droplet is bad enough, everything in the room is a fomite. If I remember correctly form microbiology, it takes a long time for something to change ways of infecting people.
When did it go airborne? I want to read about that.
Lastly, I don’t trust the CDC or anyone else. They already proved they are less than worthy when they announced they found smallpox vials from the 1950’s in a storage room or broom closet.