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Sledjockey, I get what your saying. But we, healthcare workers, have Zero experience with this disease. All patients with ebola need to be in the facilities that have those rooms, like Nebraska and Atlanta and two more places I can’t remember off hand, just to minimize the risk, Over abundance of caution. Personal answers to your questions 1)Universal standard PPE are actually pretty effective against other diseases, I’ve worked in healthcare for a while and I have not caught anything, so I would say they are effective against most run-of-the-mill illnesses, but the are hard to get on and off. They are thin and blow around easily, which I think reduces their effectiveness. So I am split on this, I think they suck for ebola and ok for other less virulent diseases.
Limited study I know, best I have at the moment. 2) your guess is as good as mine :) and 3) Its not airborne it is droplet. Which kinda sounds funny I think to non-medical people. Droplet is like airborne in the sense that 3′ around the patient is considered a hot zone if you will. The droplets don’t float in the air. Airborne is the precautions you take with TB, that patient is isolated in a negative pressure room with all the air sucked out of the room continuously and there is more and different PPE worn.
I am just glad you see the difference. Its important I think for the public to see this, that poor girl, I don’t think she stood a chance. I really hope she survives.

74- very troubling