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I think that all it will take is for one elementary school or shopping mall to be blown up by these nut jobs and then a group of Americans will take matters into their own hands and go all vigilante on them. There are two mosques not far from my home. Right now not many people know of them because they maintain a low profile and do not cause any trouble. That will not matter when the news and you tube shows pictures of dozens of dead children while some Muslim group is taking credit for their deaths denouncing the Satan that is America and telling people to convert to Islam or meet the same fate.

Someone will point out there is a place where the Muslims meet nearby and then someone will say that must be where the killers of the babies are and then someone will say lets square this deal and at the next prayer meeting they will be slaughtered. Once it starts it will spill over to include anyone who is not obviously Muslim, i.e. white, black or oriental.

Perception is reality. The truth will not matter. Only what people perceive to be the truth matters. I think people that have a skin tone or accent that even remotely resembles what most Americans perceive to be from the same part of the world as the people who are perpetrating these crimes will become targets. Once group think mentality sets in and people are thinking as a mob there will be little thought given to the true origins of anyone. Decisions will be made instantly and will only take into account the color of skin, clothing and accent of the victims. Anyone wearing a turban or a Burqa will automatically be a target.

Once it is over everyone will either feel justified or horrified by their actions. That will be on an individual level after the mob dies off and people begin to think for themselves again. The terrorists will use this as an excuse to perpetrate more attacks. A lot will depend on how our leaders handle the situation. I think they will demand people remain calm while they screw things up more, I mean handle the situation. Then they will do little or nothing to bring the terrorists to justice (or at least that will be the perception) and they will come down hard on the people in the areas where the counterattacks occur. All this will do is aggravate the situation and create even more problems. Just look at what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Now imagine what will happen when all of the people in America are no longer divided by race and it becomes Us versus Them with the Us being everyone born in this country who does not worship the moon god Allah and Them being everyone who looks like they might not have been born here and might worship Allah.

Yeah, it is going to be ugly.