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I’m not really surprised. I’m also very heartbroken for the young nurse, they are saying she is in her 20’s. On the news they detailed the protective gear, face shield, double gloves, a gown, leg covers and shoe covers. Now, take all that off in the correct order without any of the contaminated side touching your clothes, that means 5 chances the become infected. Why weren’t there full body suits, Gumby suits? I am a nurse and I work in an urban hospital, one state away from Texas, I can’t imagine caring for someone with ebola. Breach in protocol my butt, how about providing better PPE, proper PPE like full body suits, decreases chances of contaminating yourself? Take a close look at the suits the ambulance drivers are wearing, and the compare that to the paper suits the nurses wore, there’s no wonder anymore how she became infected! The ambulance drivers look like they are going into a nuclear waste zone! The poor girl has what about a 50/50 shot of living, why wasn’t she given better PPE, like the ambulance drivers? I will try to post a link of the video I’m talking about.