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freedom, your immune system cannot fight a virus it has not seen before, so nutrition will have no effect. The only way to avoid becoming exposed is to avoid contact with the virus. Medical professionals know that viruses can live outside the host (body) for several hours so it is entirely possible to contract ebola without ever coming into contact with the disease carrier.

On top of that, we are also dealing with the enterovirus which is killing children now, plus a number of diseases coming from Mexico and south America, all of which are potentially life threatening.

The point here is you MUST be proactive in protecting yourself and your families. You CANNOT afford the risk of contracting a disease in the fallacious hope that medicine will cure you.

Be aware. Be safe. Do not shake hands in public places. Do not wipe your mouth or nose with your hand or fingers. When you can, wear a surgical mask. You may get funny looks but when then observer is dead, and you are alive, what do you care about the looks?

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!