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Selene, thanks for being so open with your experience. The mechanism you described where you put issues into boxes sound very muck like compartmentalization, which is something that many men do naturally. Our thought processes tend to be different from females (thank God, and I mean for BOTH of us, LOL) in that we can put something in a box then leave it there to be dealt with later. Of course if we males continually ignore a “box” with a very serious matter in it, we get stressed, then we can do all sorts of weird things to try to compensate for or cover up the stress.

My experience with “disassociation” or putting things into boxes is that we all have to deal with it at some point or we run the risk of a core melt down. For soldiers it is called PTSD. For medical professionals and others in high stress professions it is called burnout. Whatever it is called, it must at some point be faced head on if we are to get past it. I have had to deal with mine and have survived, largely because of my Faith and my Friends. It has been my experience that most people carry heavy burdens with them but many never admit it even to themselves. The way we describe it from a faith perspective is that everyone carries their own cross. How we deal with that burden defines our life to a large extent as many authors and POW’s have proven. I pray that we here are all up to facing our personal burdens so we can do what is necessary to save our countries.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!