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Oh i forgot,
coquille st Jacques… yes i made it in Culinary School. I love it too as i do almost all traditional French cuisine. I have made dishes or versions similar to the classic dish. However I can, and do, cook french food as my primary speciality. I was Classically trained at the CIA (culinary institute of America) in Hyde Park NY. I love to eat and make classic dishes, however I’m trying to keep my weight down and cholesterol and st. jacque is “so” good but hard on the waist. I did a dish consisting of the large “diver” or “dry pack U10″(under 10 per #) scallops, seared, then basted in Irish butter until mid-rare, served in a Scallop shell, was a small salad of Frissee lettuce and baby chantrelle mushrooms(girolle), scallop on top of salad, Chervil Beurre Blanc sauce, Osetra caviar as garnish. Kind of a contemporary version of st. jacque?