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Lol underground. Yeah kitties have been the downfall of many an empire. It started in the garden of Eden :) .
One thing to keep in mind with dogs is the whole alpha male thing at least on a one on one basis.in packs you are pretty much sol if you aren’t armed. Standing your ground definitely helps. Most dogs when by themselves wait until they find a weakness then attack. If you retreat it shows fear, stand your ground and now they have to find a different approach. Pits and some other breeds are sometimes the exception. If you are attacked and you can get the dog on its back you can often turn the tide. Being on their backs is a submissive position and by you being on top puts doubts in the dogs mind as to who is in charge. It also takes their leverage away and helps minimize damage if they have your arm in their mouth. You can then grasp or strike the throat. The dog usually will let go when it can’t breath. The throat is also where most animals attack going for a kill. Now that you are attacking the dogs throat he knows you are trying to kill it. He is now trying to survive not get a meal and will most likely try to get away from you.