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Hello from INDY!!! (bad timing, I know…) ;)

TxP, you have an awesome outlook on this! Very organized, and your list made me realize how blessed I am. I have a lot of the skills that you listed as wanting to acquire, my profession is ELECTRICIAN, and I have been around construction for many years. I need to acquire the CQB and firearms skills, but I have me some “hardware” ;)

I really like seasoned “new members” such as yourself, it lends a breath of fresh air and new outlook to our task at hand. I’ve always admired the “Texas State of Mind” or whatever you want to call it, to me it is something like “Buck OFama, we can go it ALONE!” WHEN that day comes, (not “IF”) I’m sure there will be a mass exodus of ex-Kommiefornia Lib-Tards leaving so fast that it will sound like Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound” all over again! :D :D :D

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

Cogito, ergo armatus sum