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undeRGRond, he may well fall flat on his @$$ but it’ll be a bit still. He hasn’t completely burned through the rather substantial insurance windfall he got after his Dad died a couple years ago. It does seem he partly smartened up as it appears he tried salting away a portion of it but half of that will likely go in the divorce because he and his shyster lawyer apparently failed to follow all of the legal protocols with a pre-nup that got signed the day before the wedding. I will give him moral support and guidance to the extent he wants it, but he will get no money from me. I made that decision when after giving him my best money mgt advice concerning what to do with the insurance proceeds he failed to pay off his student loans, went out and bought a car that cost twice what I had ever paid for a car, bought a jet ski, and then flew 1st class with his then girlfriend to Germany for OctoberFest. The only time I ever flew 1st class was when I got a free upgrade on a thinly booked flight. I have no idea what he has left of the insurance proceeds or of how much he still has in student loans. Hopefully the residual insurance exceeds the loans, though he is currently not acting on my advice to pay them off before his wife’s lawyer starts looking for half the money and none of the debt.

Some people never learn and at this point I hope he will but am not confident. His Dad was an attorney and died flat broke after a lifetime of inadequate impulse control and bad decisions. His mother is an attorney too who lives with her parents because she can’t afford a place of her own.

Can you tell I am worn out over trying to help him?