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When he figures stuff out he will always know you are always near.

Yes Robin, that is perhaps the best I can hope for. The inadequate impulse control and poor decision-making skills are deeply ingrained. His parents never figured it out and as I said history is repeating itself.

Roadracer, it is so true that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. I’m here if he wants to talk things through before making decisions but I can’t do much when it’s a done deal by time I find out. Interestingly, whereas he has a way of hurting his long term prospects via his short term actions in the here and now, his affable outgoing personality that quickly wins people over, in combination with his boldness and risk-taking nature, might serve him well in a SHTF scenario. A few days ago when I told him that he has to accept that the eventual custody agreement could necessitate that he change jobs and relocate closer to where his wife has gone (back to her parents in Maine). He said that’s not a big deal as he has gotten every job he ever applied for anytime he has had a face to face interview. He’s a charmer.