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This will be a challenge. At anytime I know that I could be faced with a terrorist attack or war. There are also the natural disasters and accidents. There is no way to imagine how it will affect me or those around me so we have to be prepared and equip ourselves with insights provided in articles like these. Thank you Selco

Tweva the part of your comment “‘is that all?’” is a recent reaction to a friends death at his burial. The family was just at our place for a meal 3 weeks ago. 3 days ago we are walking his body to be placed in the earth. Burial is different here. No coffins or showing. The idea is to relieve the dead as soon as possible thus the dead are buried within 24 hours. Men carry the body wrapped in a white cloth as we follow behind. Then the body is inserted into a place dug in the ground and the men take turns shoveling dirt to fill the grave. Raw and real. I have always thought it was a part of the life process but this time I felt “what a waste” and “is that all there is?” Thank you for sharing your insights. This is truly an important part of being prepped.