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While I can’t contend about the veracity of this article or Mr. Aviv’s analytical ability- I CAN say that ever since the 9/11 strikes, I’ve been of the opinion that Ben Laden, al Qaeda, et al, made a SERIOUS tactical blunder: They failed to initiate low-tech follow-up attacks (2 pukes with AK’s shooting up the local WalMart in central Kansas) in several American cities and small towns, etc. within 2 weeks of the 9/11 strikes. This would’ve brought American to her knees economically & emotionally. Mind you – I’m VERY glad this never happened- But it still very well could and it is, in fact, highly likely to happen.

I was born & raised in Central FL and like many from Orlando, I worked at WDW the summer after I graduated high school. At that time, they were breaking ground for EPCOT and the initial plans included an Israeli pavilion in the World Showcase ares staffed by Israeli nationals.


Talk about a terrorist’s dream- Do you have any idea how many purses, camera bags, diaper bags, strollers, etc roll through Disney’s gates every day?!? Back then (EPCOT opened in 1982 I believe) NONE of those bags were checked! A terrorist organization could have EASILY smuggled 100’s of operatives with PLENTY of hardware into the park- Talk about the ultimate soft target! To the best of my knowledge they never constructed the Israeli pavilion, but I’m still amazed that it was ever under consideration. That’s NOT an anti-Semetic statement- I strongly believe that it would have been attacked and security concerns were cited as one of the primary reasons it wasn’t built.

But think about all of the American cities, towns and institutions where people routinely travel with briefcases, backpacks, gym bags, etc. America is totally a soft target-rich environment and unless the populace gets “hard”, we’re screwed. Because even if terrorist acts don’t take us down, the resulting Police State will made America unrecognizable. God help us all!