<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>RSSwizard wrote:</div>I guess its just my style.

Actually I wish I could just have the PS-90 and have 50 round mags for it and a hundred mags worth of ammunition for it too. That’s what I feel I would do best with.

Oh and I hate the AR platform with a passion, I absolutely hate the AR-15, M-16, and M-4. The only AR I could ever see myself getting is one with a .458 Socom upper.

However I do not have a gun at all and have no hope of getting one, so im just providing my own advice. I guess I have a different tactical style than most, which comes at things from a more sneaky bstrd (read: bad guy) type of approach. I do believe it works, because it focuses on close range with hand weapons, and a firearm is just a better hand weapon.

When you barely have $40 per month and you end up having to spend all of that (food comes from a food stamp card and soup kitchens), even spending $250 on a HiPoint + Mags + Ammo is hopelessly out of sight.

And the last thing anyone is going to do is give you money, so that you can buy a gun (nevermind the fact that in illinois you need a stupid firearms id and I dont got that either, which is more of an issue of not having an address to send it to rather than not being able to pass the checks).

Um. But you have Internet and a computer…?? And food stamps?

Either sarcasm is broken, or I’m looking for an extra **** to give.