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This story reminded me of something that happened to me when I was in Vietnam. All in all, I spent 2 yrs., 7 mos., and 12 days in Vietnam. I spent the first 11.5 months as a scout dog handler with 33rd Infantry Platoon, 4th War Dog Detachment, 4th Infantry Division, in the field. Then I was give the opportunity to become a Scout Dog instructor with USARV (US Army, Vietnam) DTD (Dog Training Detachment) in Bien Hoa. As cadre, we had a generous pass policy. I would get into Saigon almost every weekend. My favorite place to stay was the Hong Ta hotel, a high rise hotel about 3 blocks from the President hotel. Anyway, one night I had a fallling out with the girl friend I would always see when visiting. And Vietnam, being Vietnam, the ladies could go from GI to GI, but the GIs could not go from lady to lady in the same place. This would be “butterflying”, a grave insult to the lady in question. So I knew If I wanted to get laid that night, and I did, I had to go somewhere else until the whole spat blew over. So, around 2100 or so, I grabbed my gear, and set off to the the President hotel (OTIS elevateors as opposed to some jerky French **** in the Hong Ta). I walked out of the HT on a side street heading to the main street less than a block away. But on the corner was a small bar/cafe filled with the locals. As I walked by it, a young boy of around 11 or 12 looked at me, the ran back inside the open cafe. He ran to a table in the back that had 7-9 older teenage boys sitting around it. And he ran up to the one that appeared to be the leader. The leader eyed me as I rounded the corner. I started walking fast. Really really fast. By the time he had the troops rallied with a plan, I was a block or so ahead of them, and only a block or so from the President. I kept looking back hoping nothing would happen. But there they were, spilling out onto the street in front of the cafe. I didn’t know what to do (I should have just outrun them; I was young and strong and in good shape) but stopped under a street lamp. They looked at me, and I looked at them. They were deciding whether to take me or not. So I reached into my toilet bag, pulled out a plastic soap dish holding a bar of soap, and pretended it was a pistol. I lowered it in front of me, and with my other hand “drew the slide back”. And then just stood there defiantly. We stood eyeballing each other for about 15 seconds, and then the leader headed back into the cafe. Now THAT scared the hell out of me and taught me something about traveling methods and when to travel, and when NOT to.