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Us not-quite-dead-yet chicks ain’t so bad either! Got 25 acres, 2 horses, fences to maintain, pond to keep up, etc. etc. All down here in the deep, deep old South!
Mid-life is WAY more painful than I expected (since I didn’t expect any of it) & I remember fondly the days before my curves had a few curves of their own. Truth is, I need to get in shape. But, I’m willing, not too bad a shot, grew up on a farm so my gardening skills are there though in truth my 32 yr old son has the greener thumb. Between the two of us, tucked back off this little country road 20 miles from the nearest WallyWorld, it isn’t such a bad life. Still, it’s time to face prepper reality. Time to train up a little by putting some hay bales in the barn!
Think I might lay in a larger store of ibuprofen (Motrin) than I’d originally bargained on :-)