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Free you are right that no one will have money to pay rent in SHTF but what would you rather have on your property someone who signed a contract and you at least know a little bit or some stranger who found a place to hide in SHTF and is now squatting on your property? The thing is that it is very hard and expensive to get past due rent even now. When you evict someone you have to take them to court and prove they violated their lease agreement by not paying or what ever other reason you are asking them to leave. When you win you have a legal decision that says they owe you money but you really have no way to make them pay. It is just a legal way to get them out of your house and cut your losses. After SHTF you will just have expect to have to rebuild just like you do now when a renter leaves the property in a less than desirable condition. It’s the cost of doing business but you will still own the asset and it will still have value.