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IMHO, I am of the opinion that what the Intellegence Officer offered was his opinion based upon his experiences. Whether or not Snopes or any other so-called professionals debunk the authenticity of his statements, can you say that the advice given was incorrect? I have seen many others on this website offer similar advices, but not the depth of his, because most of us have not been in a zone where an attack is anticipated every day. Those that have, can you say that an attack is going to happen at 1605 hrs on our Right Flank involving nothing more than suicide bombers or dismounted troops, etc? The people of Isreal live in a world unfamiliar to most of us and have taken steps to minimize the threat as much as possible while still trying to live a normal life. The advice he offers,I believe, is solid based upon his own existence in a life different than what we daily live but could become more familiar to us in the future, GOD forbid. Ron S