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After much searching and investigating ownership, I took long-term land (with water rights – not as big issue around here as out west but to be cautious) leases on more than a handful of small farms (all under 75 acres) around here a number of years ago – each for a pittance. You might look at the going rate the ag departments of most states publish by county for the various farm land activities. Even now it’s fairly low in areas that aren’t in the MidWest mega farm belt. If you set it up right and have a good tax advisor, know/learn what you are doing you can make some money. Your friend or anyone else can do the same. All but 2 have multiple structures on them that were easily made good places to store extra stuff (and qualify as leasehold improvements). Half of them are in turn leased to other small farmers like myself at a nice profit. The others I am currently running cattle on which in the last few years especially has been a real windfall.

I don’t necessarily agree with C. Not all financial advisors sell ‘products’ so to speak – some just charge a fee (although it may be hefty in some eyes) for some dam* good advice. Especially the creative ones. Chris Martenson himself is not an un-intelligent man. If someone is looking to meet like minded people fairly local – they have groups that meet/have meetups around…. Met some great people myself.

Anyway, the future will no doubt demand all manner of creative thinking to cope with!