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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Brulen wrote:</div>The point of only one hand free I wouldn’t consider criticism. to give some idea what I was looking at you would need to find http://www.bulletproofme.com and look up the ballistic shield in use. Its probably someone who has an AR pistol or a subgun who would use it. One hard plate where the hand holds it to cover and its about 2×3 feet in size. Not perfect but in use with a regular vest a plus for static defense. Driving around since its not hard it could be hung on the inside of a vehicle door. That appeals to me. I’m a homeowner not a soldier so the sheriff won’t let me use the tactical armored vehicle lol.

The military has used sandbags as static position and vehicle armor for decades. If done correctly I would guess-timate that it would be above a Level IV protection rating and is much cheaper. If I had my choice during a bug in situation, I think I would prefer lining a room or two with sandbags than depending on a 2×3 Level IIIA shield with a small rifle plate pocket. Not that I am any sort of SO or anything. Just what I learned during my time working with the Corps.

You mentioned tactical armored vehicles…. I have been thinking about getting an old POS vehicle and “zombie” it out as a “fun to drive to shows and cruises” vehicle. This would be for no other reason that it be fun to play around with (like an old rat rod) and if anything ever did happen, I would already have an escape vehicle however impractical that it might be. Like I said though, it would be fun to work on and drive around to small/local shows and cruise nights. The whole hiding in plain sight thing that would be amusing to boot.