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1890 f or 1030 c well below “melting steel: that was seen if only bending when have you seen a building “bend ” in on itself? perfect foot print fall? including the top part above the explosion?

look at any other structural collapse with fire and a steel and glass building …never does that.

think plane hits one side..structurally weaker? burns and collapse in on self? perfect foot print drip you try that with any other building i bet you cant without pre positioned demolition charges
you realize the jets carry the fuel in the wings right? so a explosion like seen going through building cant happen.

ask yourself what is an airplane made of.. yeah like a pop can aluminum… can you throw a beer can through your house even at 665 mph? why cant you because the structural integrity of the can wont penetrate wood…. look at the tapes carefully.

and you are saying at plane at top of building with burning jet fuel enough just to weaken structure caused a full collapse in on itself times 2 exactly how did get fuel get into lower floors and weaken all the way down? with no visible sign of fire? for hours right? cause a 12 inch thick latticed girder wrapped in concrete and rebar wont just weaken in a few mins

so lets say they have full fuel tank at 48,000 gallons ( untrue since they where flying) so minus fire ball you are saying that that leaked all the way down and equally weakens support so it collapsed perfectly in on itself? yet not one bent structural beam seen at ground zero only ones cut at 45% which is a cutting angle for a demolition?

you say it had fuel from building concrete steel and glass dont burn at those temps so that leaves office furniture? how much does a desk burn? ever notice there was no paper leaving windows as it collapsed? which office do you know has no paper?

you know big eye naval radar is just out side of nyc with a squadron of fighters ready 365/24/7 they are in “war game” mode… you are in a heightened state of alert and you miss this ongoing for 2+ hours and send no one to investigate? Ask any military vet when in war game mode you expect to be tested and you are looking for the unusual.

like i said i dont know what happened just the truth is not the official version