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Ghost – I would stay away from any of the website recommendations here. When you go to a financial advisor, he’s going to earn his income by what he sells you (basically a sales person under the guise of advisor). Unless it’s someone you highly, highly trust – stay away. If she’s high net-worth, there’s nothing they can help her with (high net-worthers don’t go to websites to find financial advisors).

That said, Jim Rickards is a good resource for her.

He recommends that you denominate in the following:
1. hard assets – like railways, water, etc. Since she can’t buy a railway, she can invest in certain companies that own them
2. gold – gold and silver. Keep them within reach (ie: not in banks or storage facilities) (10-20%)
3. real estate – revenue producing properties like farms or property in prime locations (though not necessarily in cities)

Lastly, cash is something for her to consider holding in quantity, though, of course, subject to inflation. This gives her liquidity and the ability to be nimble.

Skills are also worth investing in (ie: small engine repair, sewing, first aid/trauma, etc).