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If it were me personally in your friends place I’d keep as little money/401k’s etc in a bank as possible – think Cyprus. Instead of traditional ‘investments’ I’d buy small, manageable farm land tracts with good soils and water, water, water, or just any acreage with a controllable or rather owned original source for water, water, water and more water. And, I’d by lots of hard assets(particularly hand tools and new, old-school amish farming equipment of all kinds while you can still get it, outdoor wood furnace before they are illegal and a bunch of some sorts of woodstoves (more like small, portable tent kind not house ) and a place or places to keep them secure. Things to trade,things people would need. I would not personally buy property overseas. I’d also buy the equipment needed to construct a mini alt energy ‘power’ station for a small settlement and as many different kinds and sizes of batteries and proper storage as I could.