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Ghost 911 is an inside job no planes no dead J-w’ it is financial center and only one died a walk by tourist. not one showed up for work that day non of the silverstein’s showed up. of course they knew. Look at who benefited then you know who did it. you think some guy in a cave did all this with about a 10 k budget?? you think airplane fuel burns so hot it melts steel? you think two tower hit at different angles collapse in on it self? building 7 was never hit but fell anyways…

larry silverstien argued that it was two separate terrorist attacks so he should get double the insurance… and just had them pay no court? you ever deal with insurance? they NEVER pay unless forced.

and in all the flaming rubble they find un scorched passport? think 132 stories 6 inches each how big a pile is it goint to make if perfectly flat… yeah how big was the pile? They started moving debris next day…how long do other “bombings” take to investigate?

there are so many wrong things with it i dont know the truth but the official version is complete BS