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For the prevention of gout attacks, changing your diet is definitely the best course of action. Sugar is the primary culprit for many health ailments, which is why people who go on a low carb diet tend to see many of their health issues resolved.

If you can’t give up carbs, promise yourself you’ll only eat bread and pasta which you make from scratch or buy from an artisan bakery. That will greatly decrease you starch load without you having to give it up completely. Eliminate sugary things from your daily diet, such as soda and boxed breakfast cereals.

For SHTF, you’re going to be forced to eat what’s available and without your meds. I’d recommend you look at the book Backyard Medicine .

I’m not sure how appropriate it will be for your location in Canada, but this book is one of the best for someone who knows little to nothing about plant medicine in the US. Just look up what’s ailing you in the index, check the corresponding pages for plants which will treat your condition, find a plant which is available to you, check the info on how it needs to be administered (poultice, tea, tincture, etc.), and turn to the front to find out how to make it. I picked mine up for $10, and while it’s the cheapest in my herbal collection, it gets used the most.

For gout, birch leaf tea, burdock root poultice, fresh cherries, couch grass (needs to be mixed with other herbs for effectiveness on gout), dandelion tincture, meadowsweet tea, nettle top tea, and willow bark tincture are all possibilities. Until you get familiar with plant medicine though, please remember that just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous! Please consult someone with some experience and be sure to tell them what prescriptions and supplements you’re taking! For example, if you’re on an aspirin regimen, willow bark tincture would make your blood dangerously thin. Any injury could cause you to bleed out.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help you out.

(the comments above are for informational purposes only and are not meant to be a diagnosis or prescription for any condition)

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