More news – hospital staff quarantined


“The 72-year-old man from one of the farming communities in Potchefstroom came to hospital on October 8, 2014 after hours,” …“This patient came complaining of fever, weaknesses and a cough. Clinically, he had signs and symptoms of haemorrhagic fever and was isolated. Blood investigations were done and the virologist was informed, based on the results.”
The patient was then referred to Klerksdorp/Tshepong Hospital complex and all staff members who were in contact with that patient were disinfected, including casualty department and all the equipment,” he said. The department said it would monitor everyone who had been in contact with the man.”

Now – My thoughts would be still that it is Congo Fever. But in the back of my mind ( Klerksdorp/Tshepong Hospital complex has been identified as referral hospital for Ebola in the North West Province by Minister of Health Dr. Aaron Motswaledi. The hospital has a fully functional and effective specialized Highly Infectious Diseases since February 2001)