Well, apparently according to reporters, the the bio hazard tape is still up at the hospital. The patient has not been out of the country. I think he probably has got Congo fever. There was a case in September where a farmer from Namibia being treated in Bloemfontein, died. http://www.health24.com/Medical/infectious-diseases/News/Namibian-farmer-dies-of-Crimean-Congo-haemorrhagic-fever-in-Bloemfontein-20140918 Yip , it depends in which hospital you get diagnosed. For example, I’ll travel to doctors in Mpumulanga, like Nelspruit, if I show symptoms of Malaria. Just like you need to know your areas you travel in, to be safe- you need to know your African deceases and their symptoms. And where to go to fast, for the right treatment.

It is like taking your horse to a doggie veterinarian. But I am not too worried about our South African doctors. They are not that bad.

Yes Tweva. Got two calls yesterday -from family and a friend. Told me it is time to leave. They are worried about their families.
74, I did walk up and down in the shop : ) Got thicker gloves and more disinfectant. Did some homework for a few hours on procedures at medical centers when some very bad bug shows up and send it through to clients. Need to talk to medical friends for more ideas.