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C – A big YES to your post ..in most respects. The point where we differ is where you believe ‘I will never see her again.’ I, on the other hand, personal belief wise, believe that you WILL! I think she is still with you in spirit – and I mean that literally – not a ‘feel good’ kind of statement. But…that is my belief. I have known great grief. I do know and understand what you are still going through. The difference being, only, how we see and individually believe the ‘world’ works. My heart does go out to you. Time mitigates the pain of the loss of a loved one…slightly.

And then, I don’t happen, to personally subscribe to ‘not that I have choice about when, where or how.’… I don’t, myself believe that.

A singular example… happens to be..of one of my aunts. She was 82, still played golf every week,flew her own plane to her semi-pro golf tournaments. Raised a Catholic (I am not), I clearly remember the few times I spent time with her in younger years, her stating…. (she lived ‘out west’)…’ I’ve told God that when it’s my time to go I want to go quick and fast.’ She had no doubts ‘God’ would honor her request. And ‘HE’ did! Girlfriends come to her condo the morning after her 82d birthday night out to get her for the next round in a tournament, she lets them in, sits on the counter stool to finish the rest of her tea…dropped dead and off the stool less than a minute later.

So much, I personally believe,…begins and ends in this life with one’s own beliefs. Whomever or however the world as we know/the universe is operated…is a wise construct. A mind filled only with a definite set of beliefs leaves room for no alternatives…and, thus..of course, not leaving any opening, will not be presented with them. We are, as famously quoted, never not only ‘not given more than we can bear’…we also are not given ‘more than our feeble human minds can accept.’

Yes, our culture does need to finally ‘face up to’ ..death. We all will eventually die. But somehow, we, as a country, don’t value that fact and attendant discussions the concept should provoke, as necessary. I have spent over 25 yrs of my life helping people and families dispose of and deal with the ‘remains’ of the material remnants of their loved ones life. i sell ‘used’ stuff’ and am paid by people a nice sum to advise them on how to even proceed with the issue.

Id o understand the beauty and the ideal of the monk with nothing but the sack cloth he wears and a simple wooden bowl as his ‘possessions;. I have witnessed more ugliness between families fighting over useless, material sh** than I could ever say and be believed. Yet…so many still live for those things. It is not my job to attempt to change them.

Rejoice all For at this moment, we are all experiencing the gift of life. I’m with C – embrace it. Fear not. The future shall indeed take care of itself.

Stepping off soap box – big day tomorrow. Bless all! (And for God’s sake SMILE!…it’s contagious and warms all souls in view!)