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74 wrote:
Buy as many primers as you can afford. You can stuff them with BP if there is nothing else available.

Duh, just figured it out. Black Powder :D

I was thinking about boolits :P

As for my goals, I’d like over 10K ready to go for battle rifles, (AR, AK) and reloading components.
Lots of Components! AK is my secondary, but I have Brothers (as in BAND OF) that both have AKs. If you get “too much ammo” (no such thing, really…) you can trade or barter it. A few rounds at a time for safety, and always while ARMED!

I think Selco’s starting points in SHTF School (subscription info) are great minimums, he calls for:
2 AKs and 5,000 rounds of ammo.
2 Pistols and I forget how much ammo, thinking 2,000?

He suggests the Tokarev, or equivalent, which is a kick-@$$ round, prolly close to a 357 Sig in velocity and energy, but iirc, slightly better, or around 357 Sig +P? The domestic ammo for the Tok in the U$A is not as hot, and expensive, so go with something you are skilled at shooting, and can find ammo.
40 S&W comes to mind, and it is inexpensive. +P in 40 is a hot round, plenty of energy and speed. Cheaper than 45 ACP, more power than 9mm. Perfect compromise between 9 and 45! (IMO)

But I really like my 45 ACP :D

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