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KOS – This is a concern for me, too. I know several groups of people who have plenty of weapons and ammo, but I never hear any mention of food, water, or other basic necessities being added to their otherwise ‘normal’ purchasing habits.

My hope is that many of them are simply just like me, and playing their cards close to the vest with the exception of firearms collecting (which is something that can pass as “normal”). But my instincts tell me that I’m not only going to starving neighbors; but armed, skilled, starving neighbors. It’s been adding to my mindset that fleeing will be a better option. I can hold my own for the most part, I believe, along with a few in my group. But how well will I do when faced with shooting someone I called a friend only a week ago? I’m not sure I could.
Opsec opsec opsec! Keeping your mouth shut is an enormous priority.