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Most people are ignorant in ignorance’s -the state of not knowing, similar to a cocoon stage, it’s a natural stage of nature of the people with a community. In one sense it’s real to the people involved as they invest whole heartily into it, in the other alternative sense it is also not real!
The prime example is Selco himself as he was not involved with being a prepper, was invested into his community he thought that his sense of community was real, that society was real. Todays Selco is much different than the old one, a much more different version. Which is a problem many will face is there own ignorance’s as what they were taught was real, what they inherent was real. In one sense of now your reality is real, but when a functionality goes wrong into a chaotic pattern, than does a reality become unreal, unglued.

In our house when the power goes out the chaotic level goes right through the roof, back in the 1800’s there was no chaotic event and nothing was noticed or worth noting. Society is completely made up, literally fabricated of sown ideal ideas. We only have convenience at our disposal which makes everything seem to work without effort, gives us increasable amounts of time in leisure. That’s where the ignorance of being ignorant comes from in a natural disposition of having leisure.

Had I gone to Selco months before SHTF, and told him one day you have a SHTF club, a school about being prepared reaching millions across the internet, the old Selco would have thought this guy’s a nutt job!

The difference is always ignorance, no matter which way you shave it, boil it all down in a large pot the remainder is always ignorance, self ignorance will always be your worst enemy of not knowing, and what you do in your leisure time. How big will the collapse be, how long will it last. Even for the people who run government facilities will face the same crisis of ignorance, when there department ceases to function, the ability to facilitate. they lose there investment into something they thought was real in there reality. There entire life was based around it, everyone will be facing the same dilemma all at once, the leisure of life is now gone, what they thought was truly real vanishes, turns into stale bread and crumbles into little pieces as it pours around your grasp, not being able to hold on to any of it.

That’s the answer to your neighbors is there ignorance of being ignorant and the options available to you, most will not realize that you have bugged out already and reestablished your new living environment, mostly they won’t have hydro, internet, phone, water. There new dilemma starts turning from days to hours to just minutes, the leisure aspect of knowing is disabled, fight or flee Where the % number starts to becomes the multiplier of actual survival, when the dead bodies start appearing.

I have been playing a zombie game called 7 days to die, fun little game, pick the conditions and than your left with nothing and start at a spot, most times I die at the start because there’s nothing there or fall to the circumstances later on. Something to be said about being prepared, and the ability to make prep’s on the go, salvaging what you can. To me it validates the BOB bag where ever you go!
Just a rant of my of thoughts before the great collapse:)