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KOS, I have been thinking about operational security a lot too. Presently, I’m an open book here in Kamloops, BC. Most of our neighbors know we’re into permaculture, forest gardening, food storage, wildcrafting foods, local food security, emergency preparation, etc. But there are many things I just can’t discuss openly with anyone outside the family.

I think being concerned about social media and the internet is very rational. I’m always researching about how to disappear — or more achievable — reduce my visibility. Here’s one source I have found useful: http://www.howtovanish.com/.

I sort of see my time in Kamloops as trying to educate my community about these issues. But in many ways, I’m getting so far out there that I can’t relate to my community anymore. When I leave here, I’m going to ground. You won’t see me on Facebook, or if I use Facebook, it will be for fostering misinformation! That’s what howtovanish.com recommends. :)

I know many experts think it’s important to find community but I am starting to think that it’s impossible to find a suitable community. All I can do for the present, is try to kindle a love of freedom and liberty in my statist friends. That has not been an easy task.