Living in an area where prepping is more than normal, it’s expected, I see things a little differently now/here.

While people here are lamenting the lack of .22, although it is occasionally on the shelves, they are truly concerned about the price of 7mmMag, and the like.

It’s hunting season here and when you are looking at $75 a box of 20 rounds, it makes one choke.
And while I hear people complaining about the lack of .22, its most often the Boy Scout leaders, the range instructor and grandparents that want to take the kids out for the afternoon that are talking.

But then again, most people here hunt and have guns. They just aren’t planning on raiding. Goes against the ‘teaching’.

If they know you prep, run with it.
Get them on board, get them putting stuff back for themselves.
Anonymity has it’s place, but so does being community minded.

All my neighbors know what I do, where I work.
Same for the deputy down the block, the doctors and teachers around the corner and the music teachers, and so on.
We all know about each other, and we’ve only been here a year and a half.
It’s nice moving into an established ‘community’.

It’s a different world here, when garage doors are open you see deer and elk hanging from hooks, gun safes and 4 wheelers abound. This morning coming to work I saw no less than 6 deer hanging.

Again, I say run with it. just downplay how serious you may be.
Get them into canning, storage for storms and the like.
Get them into buying extra and putting it back when it’s on sale, to same money not just for the sake of having 20 years worth of TP.

Scaring people is the best way to make them think you’re a kook and think you’re an outsider not one of them.

Another thing to consider, those guns and ammo.
For various reasons people are gravitating towards them.
Some like the Doomsday Prepper idiot who made plans to raid his neighbors, these uber-geniuses are a minority in my experience, at least where I’ve been.
But a lot of people have realized that the .gov isn’t going to be there to protect them, to supply for them and this has many scared and buying guns. Bad things happen and people wake up.
I’d rather help people wake up and become allies than the opposite.
Others are just adding to what they have, because that’s what happens when shortages occur.

Many of those making large purchases remember 20 years ago, the ‘crime bill’ and what happened then.
Shortages of primers, powder, bullets, loaded ammo, $10 magazines for $100, bans on various firearms and they don’t want to experience it again.

The problem? They waited until something bad happened and everybody was panic buying. Again.
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Those people were speaking the same way back in ’94.
They’ll do it again during the next crisis.

Those that learn, either from experience or with help will keep putting stuff back little by little.
Those that don’t learn, will either sell stuff cheap later or panic and do it all again the next time, and the next.