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With winter coming, anyone tending bees needs to assess the colonies to identify if they need to be fed. There are pastes you can make that last a long time but allow the bees to feed without leaving the hive. That is important in the north where temperatures drop very low. This requires the bees to huddle together for warmth, plus there are no flowers from which to gather nectar or pollen.

Many bee hives have large die offs during winter months so a steady diet in addition to some stored honey will give them a better chance of surviving the winters. Note that you must leave some honey in the hives when you harvest, for the bees need it to eat during winter. Having a healthy hive when the spring arrives will give your colonies a huge head start as they are not so focused on rearing young as they are in harvesting, so feeding not only keeps them alive but impacts the health of the hive so they are ready when the flowers first emerge.

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