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Please don’t misunderstand me! I absolutely think that Selco’s experiences are invaluable and, perhaps, the most valid thoughts on survival and prepping I’ve ever read. I was merely referring to the thread when I made that comment.

I absolutely agree that Katrina showed us how easily a localized LE agency can dissolve, but I also wonder if that is the prime example of what will occur across the board or a situation unique to the NOPD and the demographics of New Orleans? I also ponder if the LE/military sustainability depends on what country is deploying that force. Yes, the Balkan countries had/have modernized military and security forces, but they don’t have the same numbers, budget, and vast geography that the U.S. does. Also consider how many tiers of security we have compared to other nations. A U.S. city might enjoy the relative security of a city/municipal PD, followed by county sheriff, followed by state troopers, followed by National Guard. After that was exhausted, consider how many layers of Federal LE we have before resorting to Active Component military. It seems that we might have more resources than most other nations.

Also, culture is a strong factor. Consider that the various countries that compose the Balkans were modeled and trained by Cold War era Soviets. Their training was much more rudimentary in handling civil unrest. I refer to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Soviet war in Afghanistan, the siege of the Russian White House parliament building, First Chechen War, Second Chechen War, Russo-Georgian War, and recent activity in the Ukraine as examples. The Soviet-styled strategy seems to be consistently heavy-handed and brutal compared to what we see in the U.S.

Lastly, (and obviously) the type of LE/military response we would see greatly depends on the incident to which they are responding. A natural disaster is what we witnessed with Hurricane Katrina and in much milder forms with Irene and Sandy in NY, NJ, and parts of CT and PA. I think the biggest difference is that we have the ability to learn from the mistakes of Katrina and train and prepare accordingly (adapt and overcome). Now that we are faced with a new threat like Ebola, many mistakes will be made. The trick is to survive it to be able to learn and adapt and overcome for the next pandemic. I wonder what we could learn from the Spanish Flu pandemic following WWI? I guess I now have some research to do!

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