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Freedom, I tend to agree with 74. My perspective is they may not and probably won’t be trained military snipers, but a good hunter can blend in well with their environment and at 200 yds+ will be extremely difficult to see without IR optics.
The counter, I believe, is to have roving patrols, sensors, dogs, barriers (fences, thick thorny shrubs, trenches) and a MAG so that your AO can be reasonably well defensed. The more layers one has of overlapping defenses will increase the likelihood that an intruder will be detected before they can wreak havoc on a base, home, or other BOL.

The pics of the hidden snipers illustrates how difficult it would be to detect a well hidden sniper before it was too late. Great find, thanks! Maybe we can find more of these types of learning tools online. If so, perhaps we can have a thread where the various tools are linked so we can all be aware of what is available, how to properly use them, and how to design defensive perimeters.

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