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Hello group! I’m sorry I’m late for the party, but I literally just found out about this blog YESTERDAY from a friend who is a fan and contributor. This forum was the first one I read in its entirety and my first post! Anyway…

It seems to me that most people in this forum are contemplating a hypothetical LE/military response to a SHTF situation and neglecting an actual situation that happened less than ten years ago: Katrina.

When Katrina struck New Orleans, LA we witnessed (via television and internet for most of us) a collapse of society in a snapshot. Yes, it was only a city, but what happened offered us both real world insight of what to expect and a real world application of what to do/not do. If you recall, The New Orleans police abandoned their posts for various reasons. Most NOPD went home to protect their families, but I’m sure that a lot of us remember the infuriating video of the two female officers who casually went shoe “shopping” at Wal-Mart with mass looting taking place all around them. The reporter attempting to interview them seemed both amazed and disgusted by their nonchalant answers. If you happened to miss that news brief, google it. You will not be disappointed…or maybe you will for different reasons. When local LE failed, they brought in departments from all over the country to include National Guard and Active Component military. Even with these resources acting as force multipliers, there were still ground skirmishes from local skells that had banded together in the form of outlaw gangs. These agencies were the GOOD GUYS and the gangs were the BAD GUYS, no doubt. The only questionable LE was the NOPD. Most of whom tried to get their jobs back after order was established.

So, for an honest and real world example, I recommend researching the LE/military response to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I will even revisit this incident to be better informed and prepared.

Thank you for hearing me out and I look forward to participating in the near future.

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