Couple of years ago, we had problems with a pit bull breeder.
They were breeding fighting dogs in town. After a number of close calls, the breeders were convinced to move out of town.

Within days, there were reports of dog packs running loose and animal kills. There were an average of 5 dogs running loose, killing cattle even.

Our county deputies were seeing them but weren’t able to get gunsights on them having to stop the car, get gun out, etc.

The dogs eventually chose the wrong target, when stalking some calves at a cattle yard, they circled a cowboy.
He went 5 of 5 with a bolt action .270.

Shooting dogs is a very controversial thing, emotions running high.
Having shot more than I’d care to consider, I have found certain preferences. Lightly constructed, highly frangible bullets out of a .400 bore or larger are my personal choice in a handgun. The moat visibly effective I used were the Cor-Bon 10mm 135gr load and the Mag-Safe .44 Special @86gr load. The .45 was effective but just not as much of a lightning bolt as those mentioned.

Rifles, after what I would consider a failure using the .223, I switched to the .308 again using lightly constructed bullets. It was decidedly more effective.

Shotguns, for most of us, slugs are just too dangerous to use. Too many people around to let an ounce of lead loose in solid form.
After having a load of 00 buck exit in one case, hitting a brick house, I started carrying a couple of lead “BB” loads just for this.

Most of what I had to do was up close at slobber distances. The animal had to be stopped right now. Wanting and needing as much power as could be effectively used was a major issue.

Looking at this from another angle, as I am arming my kids, I am having to make concessions because of hand size and comtrol. Its a tough balance, power and capacity for kids and a wife with small hands.

Right now, I’m seriously considering LW Commanders chambered for the .40 caliber. While not the capacity I’d prefer, especially for dogs, the size, weight and power as well as adaptability of the guns themselves make up for that.