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Could have bought a Saiga a couple of times. They just don’t “float my boat” shall we say, so I “meh” them. They are a great idea and appear to function well, but they just feel so cheap that I could never spend that much money on one. Even $699 for the last one I saw was WAY too much considering the fit and finish (IMO). That is why I have held out for the KSG. Also a reason I won’t own an AK unless I build it myself. Can’t justify the price versus the fit and finish.

I love the fit and feel of this KSG. I stopped by this weekend to look at it again because I bought it so fast that I even forgot the color…. Needless to say, but I was excited to have found one. Mine is the black and olive drab colored one. I think I will get a selector switch extender, foregrip of some sort and a red dot for it. Already have a LaserLyte Center Mass for it off my Mossy 500. Also have a light for it as well so I will only be spending an additional $200-$250 once I pick it up. Will probably get a Burris red dot because I get a discount with them.

Everything is VERY tight and feels very well made on this thing. I really can’t wait to shoot it. I even checked out the owner’s manual. There appears to be a section in there about how to properly use the slide and chamber rounds. Jamming issues and breakage is a known user error issue where people think that they can “street sweeper” it because it looks all tactical. If you look around YouTube, it appears that people’s reviews reflect the same thing. User error=jamming and breakage. Following instructions=flawless function. Kind of like real life, huh?

Once I pick this bad boy up, I will test it out and put up a review if you guys want. Keep meaning to do that on my Marlins I picked up a couple months ago as well. People keep talking about how bad Marlins are now, but are great. There is one that the barrel doesn’t seem to be mated up correctly sitting on a shelf at the LGS, but I don’t know how long it has shifted between stores. I guess it is actually a fairly old gun that is just making its rounds.