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I’ve been extremely lucky to get what I’ve found. There are a dozen little stories of how I scored 22lr, it’s like divine intervention! :D Once, my son said “Did you get the text (for 22’s) from (LGS#1)” I said No, “LET’S ROLL!” He did not want to go, but I convinced him LOL! We went there and I got my brick and his too! <SCORE>
I was sending my Dad to Gouger Mountain on Fridays, and he was getting whatever they were “handing out” which was the small box limit, while saving back the bricks for their favorites… So I told him to ASK for the biggest boxes. He finally did about the 4th trip, and I got the “Bucket-O-Bullets” which was more than I had set aside for ammo that week :D So I traded him some 38 Spec. and 357 Magnum for the 22 lol! 150 rds total. My Dad thinks that if he has a full box of ammo he is stocked up :-/ Kinda Sorta… He at least bought 200 rounds when I bought him the used but very very nice Mossberg 640T 22 Magnum.

I have a small fortune in ammo, (not really) but I finally feel like I have enough of the small game rounds. On some of the “survival” boards I pick up info from (g00gl3 searches, I’m not cheating on SELCO!) and my PMs sites (silverdoctors) I have come to the conclusion that AMMO will become a “Lead-Based Currency” in a real, tangible way. This would only happen if the SHTF shut down the factories or an area had a hard time obtaining ammo. I have “money” covered in 3 ways, or more…
LEAD (Pb) ;)

Think About It!

As for eating, we really need to look at C’s website. Eat locally grown foods that support the local economy, and your Health will thank you! So will your neighbors, kids, etc… In that way, we deny the globalist “powers that be” (PTB) the control they exert over our lives. Over our “money”! It is actually their “money”, because it is un-backed paper, a Fiat Ponzi Scheme where the issuers of this toilet-paper note pay themselves FIRST and we are actually left holding notes of debt rather than Real MONEY.
The Bible states that the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil, so how much more evil is it to scramble after WORTHLESS PAPER, cheating and stealing, fighting and Killing for PAPER???

Get out of as many PTB systems as you can!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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