Im a bit shocked about some of the talk in the US what immediate threat ISIS is. ISIS is and will remain a terror organization. One that does own a lot of land right now and has plenty of resources but not one that poses any direct threat to the US (other than with terror attacks).

Unless you live in a major city, ISIS isnt a direct threat. Like freedom says, I think this is used to come up with some more stupid laws to control the masses and take their power. What better excuse can you have then saying its for the greater good… they also have to justify spending on weapons and the military.

The military and weapon industry is such a big industry now, its pretty important to keep them busy and having a good reason to fund their ventures. Personally I think its important to destroy ISIS and great that the US stepped in to support this. I just fear this is used (again) to dis-empower the average Joe and thereby make the powerful who pull the strings in the US and on a global level even more powerful.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")