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UndeRGRond, we likely have a lot to learn from each other. Some of my eco-friends believe the environmental situation is so serious that it justifies using any means, including force, to make all humans on the planet live a “green life”. I think that’s nonsense.

So Do I, and I think “we don’t need FORCE, we have TECHNOLOGY!” More on this as we go along ;)

Many environmentalist that I know have lost there humanity. “Grand plans scare the living daylights out of me. If you wonder why I deeply fear grand plans, please read Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience. It is a cautionary tale. Governments have a monopoly on the use of force. If the environmental need is perceived as the highest good and the only value then, backed by the forces of government, even genocide is acceptable.”
I think that right behind that curtain lies the “earth worship”. That is where the “stewardship” of the earth is the superior view, as in “we should take care of our home, and it will take care of us!”

“I am not interested in grand plans or movements that want to force people, through government regulations and laws, into changing their practices. If an idea is good, it will take root without force.”

As for the “more”, I am working on fuel-less energy. I built an ultra-high efficiency, solar initiated solid state energy system. Working on scaling it up and increasing output. I believe it could charge an electric car for free while one is at work, or power a home even in areas of spotty sun exposure. I need a new laptop for the control unit programming, my old one went ka-plooey LOL

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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