Vadim: The kid who came in wasn’t in full garb, but did have a mixture of gear on his belt and on him.

We got to chatting about much of it, including the “fire tin” he had in his pocket. Brass of course with a magnifying glass inset into the lid. Flint and steel, matches real strike anywheres, and tinder.

We got to discussing guns, and the AR180 carried by Mal in Serenity was an example. Stylized long handguard, brass (TiN) and black painted to show age/wear. Long scope, again with the wear. High tech, yet very retro/victorian.

He lights his place with oil lamps, collects tools and gear such as RR lanterns and so on.

I’m not saying its any kind of end all be all genre, but like many, there can be some things taken from it.

We just had our annual Rendezvous’ here. Thousands of people wandering around in fur trade era garb and living in teepees and such.

Both have gear and styles that can be helpful, but to emulate either in its entirety is silly.
Both have gear and tools that are functional, even if you have to strip indian beads off or ignore some spray paint.

And an observation, the kid was the most polite of his generation I’ve run into. Some of that Victorian reading I’m sure, while the rendezvous attendees were rude, crude and after nearly a week in persona smelled like a herd of sheep. And I’m not sure what’s worse, top hats and goggles or rancid racoon tails dangling from belts.

I guess I remember where I grew up, lots of antiques, brass fixtures and such, steam and kerosene tractors, the neighbor had a steam engine in his shop to power the tools.