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Coughing and sneezing is bodily fluids. I would not consider that airborne, if I understand correctly what an airborne illnesses is. Most viruses cannot live outside the body for very long. Most viruses are killed by exposure to less than 24 hours of sunlight (UV radiation). So even if Ebola is airborne it will not live very long outside the body. Therefore, you can protect yourself by not visiting sick people and having them cough and sneezing all over you. Also avoid hang-out in hospitals!


If I remember correctly, Ebola ONLY becomes infectious after the signs of illness occur. This is very important because with the common flu, which killed 35,000 worldwide last year, you are infectious BEFORE you see signs of illness. This means you can infect people BEFORE you know that you are sick. (Now, that’s a characteristic you find in true pandemics.)

You can be sure the patient with Ebola is under complete lock down. Anyone that has had contact with him is under quarantine, which is basically “house arrest”. The state has incredible powers under quarantine laws to restrict your liberty and freedom. In some cases, the state can use you as a lab rat.


One more fact about viruses. Viruses are not even considered a true “life form” because they cannot reproduce without the cellular mechanism of real body cell. The virus takes over the cellular mechanism of a body cell so it can reproduce. Without the cellular mechanism of a living cell, viruses are inert. So, you won’t see viruses reproducing out in the open on surfaces like some bacteria will. This is way I’m pretty sure Ebola will not cause the next pandemic… Of course, I could be wrong.

Go here for some information about how to improve your immune system’s resistance to all types of viruses: http://eatkamloops.org/swine-flu-what-to-do/.